April 29

April 12 – April 24 movie

Time-lapse movie of the above dates during the hours 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The frames are an hour apart. Gets one dome higher than the previous 2 week movie because there was noticeable cleanup.

The Cam will be down tomorrow, Sunday the 30th. City Light is cutting power to my building for some work. I’ll also put up the latest 2-week time-lapse movie so you’ll have something to watch instead.

The FTP was fixed today. So what was the FTP problem? I’m 99% sure it is Microsoft’s Internet Transfer Control for Visual Basic. The Winnov program that came with the Winnov camera started to become flaky. I created my own FTP program with the aforementioned VB control and got the exact same FTP problems. I haven’t confirmed with Winnov that they are using Microsoft’s control – I’m sure they are and it’s unfortunate. After downloading several FTP trial versions, my solution is to purchase Webcam32.

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