May 25, 2002

I have sad news – the end of this Kingdome Cam is near. Early next week we are moving and the cam must come down. This has definitely been fun! I will post some new time-lapse movies that cover the whole life of the cam.

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October 14, 2001

Web Cam 2 (June 12 to October 13)

The time-lapse movie was getting too big, so I divided the images into 2 movies; the first and second cameras. This is the second higher quality camera in a much better location. Watch here for regular updates of this movie. The movie from the first camera is on the movies page.

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May 20

  • Here I am, finally, in San Jose! It was a busy week, but I survived. I’m very unorganized right now, so if you’ve sent an order for a video it probably hasn’t gone out yet. I should get to them by the end of next week.
  • If you’re curious, I hope to continue my two week time-lapse movies. Once I establish a connection with my computer in Seattle I’ll make and post the overdue movies.
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May 11

  • Aloha! Okay, so I haven’t just been moving these past 10 days or so. Most of my time was spent on a company meeting in San Jose and Maui. I didn’t want to advertise my vacant apartment on the internet, so that’s why “moving” has taken so long. Anyways, it was quite a shock coming back to a down pour and no sun in Seattle!
  • It was nice, however, coming back to a few more video orders. Roger from Montana sent a $25 donation to CCFA, and Bruce from San Francisco ordered 2 videos! Thanks guys!
  • I’ve also updated the video order form with my new address. Don’t worry if you sent a check to my Seattle address – it will be forwarded.
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May 2

Tomorrow I start the process of moving, so you won’t see any updates here for a couple weeks. If you want to order a video or have an order in the mail, I won’t be able to send it out until May 11th or 12th. As for where to send your order, still send it to my current address. My mail will be forwarded, but I’ll also post my new address on May 11th. Thanks!

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April 29

April 12 – April 24 movie

Time-lapse movie of the above dates during the hours 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The frames are an hour apart. Gets one dome higher than the previous 2 week movie because there was noticeable cleanup.

The Cam will be down tomorrow, Sunday the 30th. City Light is cutting power to my building for some work. I’ll also put up the latest 2-week time-lapse movie so you’ll have something to watch instead.

The FTP was fixed today. So what was the FTP problem? I’m 99% sure it is Microsoft’s Internet Transfer Control for Visual Basic. The Winnov program that came with the Winnov camera started to become flaky. I created my own FTP program with the aforementioned VB control and got the exact same FTP problems. I haven’t confirmed with Winnov that they are using Microsoft’s control – I’m sure they are and it’s unfortunate. After downloading several FTP trial versions, my solution is to purchase Webcam32.

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April 23

The implosion video now costs less – only $10.00, plus shipping and handling! Because I’m able to copy the videos myself (small numbers), my cost is cheaper and I will pass that on to you. If you already bought a video for the original price, the difference ($2.00) will go to CCFA. You therefore made a very generous donation of $10.00.

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April 17

The video can now be seen by request at the Seattle Video Only. Their address is 707 Westlake N at the corner of Broad and Westlake, next door to Jillian’s. (I have no connection to Video Only.)

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April 15

  • The VHS video is now done! I have a goal of selling 90 more copies to raise a total of $800 for CCFA. Have you ordered your video yet?

  • Implosion with audio!
    I said I’d put the audio and video together and here it is! It’s also almost half the size of the original, too. You’ll have to view this movie with Microsoft’s Media Player or a suitable MPEG player.

  • There are some new pictures of the explosives lighting up.
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April 13

March 28 – April 11 movie

Ya know, you think there would be more change in two weeks, but there wasn’t much. Time-lapse movie of the above dates during the hours 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The frames are an hour apart.

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