Implosion Day Guide

The Kingdome

Implosion Day Guide

My Cam is now in its final position for the implosion. Starting Saturday night I will update the Mini-Cam at a faster rate, somewhere between every 10 to 20 seconds. I’ll also record the implosion to tape and make it available in QuickTime format as soon as I can after the implosion. And of course, my Cam will be in its trusty spot after the Kingdome is no more.

The only national TV station I know of carrying the implosion live is ESPN Classic [broken link].

Live Web Cams

For those of you from around the world who won’t be inundated with footage of the implosion over and over again, here is a list of websites that will provide live streaming video of the blast.

How It Will Happen

The Seattle Times and P-I [broken link] have some good stories on how the Kingdome will come down.

The Safety Zone, etc.

The P-I has a map [broken link] with pretty much all you need to know if you’ll be traveling through Seattle or if you’ll be downtown.

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